Mike Ross speaking about writing
Photo by Carly Hoogendyk

Mike can talk to people onstage, one-on-one, or via the internet by putting words together in an order that people like. Here are some examples.

Logo for Civilian magazine Send In More Clowns. Interview with head Frasier writer and master farceur, Joe Keenan, for luxury travel magazine Civilian.

Logo for The TabGetting Raped, and Ways You Can Convince Yourself It Was Your Fault. Story-driven article written to educate readers about Title IX policies for campus sexual assault generally, and to urge readers to vote in a student referendum at Harvard specifically. Went on to be The Tab’s most-shared article at the time.

Logo for VultureRaccoons, US History, and Minnesota Moms. Splitsider interview for Vulture with Karen Chee of Late Night with Seth Meyers, about comedy on social media and comedic inspirations.

The Fantastic Ferris. Absolutely no one paid me to do this, but: I rewrote the entirety of The Great Gatsby as a gay love story starring Ferris Bueller and Cameron Frye, and then tweeted it from start to finish, and I am absurdly proud of it, so I’m including it here.